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The first sparks of inspiration for the range of playsuits and baby Onesie's came in the whirlwind months following the birth of our beautiful boy. Slowly his wardrobe filled with romper style garments which ticked all the boxes for his comfort, allowing him the freedom of movement as he developed, without the garments moving and leaving him exposed but retaining a practicality for us during the frequent nappy changes.

However we felt limited by the designs and colours of rompers available, feeling a lack of the fashionable, edgy style we wanted. So we began exploring putting him in separate jeans and top combinations, however for what we gained in style we instantly lost in practicality. It was during this time that our concept was born and we realised the solution was to blend the practical with the cool. The first Dijjie range of baby clothes was born.

With our eye on the edgy London fashion scene we commissioned illustrations based on current urban styles which we then shrank down and blended onto our own brand, quality playsuits with the view of retaining the hand drawn quality of the original artwork.

After many months of revision and refinement we finally knew we had garments of the uniqueness and quality we required and thus our first collection was ready to face the world!

It has been so enjoyable designing our first range and such a privilege being able to bring them from our imaginations to reality. We hope our passion for the garments we create are shared by others and that the Dijjie brand continues on its happy journey

Dijjie is going to be bringing out new rangers and new ideas 

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